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2021- Women's Rights

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The 2021 peace doves focused on women's rights all around the world.

Women's rights are violated all around the world. These violations are human rights. Just to highlight some of these women rights violations:

  • More than 125 million Egyptian girls (ages 15-19) are believed to have endured female genital mutilation (FGM).

  • In Honduras, every 18 hours a woman is murdered. The murderer typically gets away with it.

  • In Israel, a woman needs her husband's permission to get a divorce.

  • In Yemen, women cannot marry or receive health care without the permission of their male guardian.

**Artwork completed by Jen (

"Women's empowerment is intertwined with respect for human rights." --Mahnaz Afkhami

All around the world, many countries consider women as second class. Many of their rights are violated. From marriage, voting, owning a home, custody of their children, violence, abuse, and slavery. This list goes on.

The three featured ladies

Dr. Alicia Partnoy was a political prisoner for over three years in Argentina during the 1970s at La Escuelita. Dr. Partnoy has been a significant human rights activist. She strives to pass on a message to others on the importance of humanity and making this world a safer place. She has dedicated her life to social justice and human rights. A true humanitarian.

Dr. Maryam Mirzakhani contributed significantly to the theory of moduli spaces and Riemann surfaces. Due to her diligent research and discoveries, guidance and direction, it created a path for future researchers to uncover the theoretical physics of how the universe came to existence. The world's first woman and first Iranian to receive the prestigious Fields Medal in 2014.

Ms. Pearl Primus was recognized as a gifted dancer and visionary who introduced African Dance to the Western world as a dignified form of performance art worthy of study. She advocated for several international dance groups to travel to the United States to perform, and an honorary doctorate from Spellman College.

Organizations to support

  • Global Grassroots--To create world where all women and girls have the ability to pursue their own dreams and ideas and turn them into something impactful in their community.

  • BRAC--Fighting against the obstacles that prevent children in developing countries from receiving a quality education including violence, discrimination, displacement and extreme poverty.

  • World Pulse--A social network that gives women the opportunity to connect, unite, share, launch movements and run for office.

  • The Girl Effect--They believe that every girl can begin to value herself, build quality relationships and get access and education about things she needs.

  • Global Fund for Women--This organization fights for women's human rights: reproductive rights, freedom from violence & leadership.

  • New Light--The organization provides education, healthcare, nutritional support, a recreational facility, HIV-AIDS care, and income opportunities.


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